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Dental implants in Australia are becoming a standard dental treatment for replacement of lost or missing teeth. Many years ago it was very uncommon and was mostly available in teaching centers like in dental hospitals etc. Now many dental surgeons attend short term dental implant courses and most of the dental clinics now provide dental implants in Australia. There are freelancing dental implants specialists coming to general dental clinics to provide this treatment. As the treatment cost has to be shared between the visiting specialist and the base clinic, the overall dental implant cost is very high. The crowns or bridges attached to the implants are fabricated in dental laboratories which are specialized in making dental implant crowns and bridges are also very expensive in Australia. An average dental implant in Australia cost around 4500 AU $. This includes the implant cost, abutment cost, crown cost, laboratory charges, surgery cost and consultation etc. Five or six implants at this cost are unaffordable even for the middle class. For this reason it is a common practice for the patients in Australia to travel to far off places for availing dental implant treatment

Even after considering flight charges, accommodation etc patients do save 75 %- 80% in cost. The dental council of Australia has given special warnings on how to choose your dental implant surgeon. Dr. Thomas who is our dental implant surgeon has worked in centers of excellence like Cambridge university hospital (Addenbrookes NHS) in UK and has specialized Maxillo- Facial fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Dr. Thomas does around 1500 implants per year and has 18 years' post fellowship experience in exclusive dental implants treatment. The clinic offers 98% success rate and a lifetime warranty on all the works carried out. There are scores of patients who have had full mouth dental implant treatment from Australia and whose implants are in function over 10 years. I n our website there are testimonials of scores of patients who travelled exclusively from Australia and their true identities are revealed and their contact information can be passed on so that one can contact them and share their experience. More over Dr. Thomas have two clinics, one in Kerala India and the other in Dubai. In both the places Dr. Thomas personally treats all the implant patients. Patient from Australia can choose the destin ation to their convenience. Thus one can avail a world class dental implant treatment 80% cheaper than Australia combined with an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime. Talk to our previous patients now and save a fortune on dental implant treatment. 

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Save a fortune on dental implant treatment and an unforgettable holiday is a bonus. 

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