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Scientific dental implant clinic in India and Dr. Biju's Implantology Dental Clinic in Dubai are centers of excellence in dental implant treatment. Dr. Biju Thomas BDS, FFDRCS (Ireland), FICOI (USA) who established these clinics is known world over also

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High Quality Dental Implants at Affordable Prices
High Quality Dental Implants at Affordable Prices

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cleaning and polishing:

Most modern ultrasonic cleaning equipment with sterile water used. This includes taking the patient through a programme for improving oral hygience and improving Brushing techniques.
Visit and timings tailor made to suit your tour programmes.


Whitening of teeth:

Procedure : making impression for your upper and lower teeth. A custom made made tray is made and along with the tray Bleeching medicine will be given. This Bleeching medicine is carry 12 US patients and 8 European patients. We will advise you to do this whitening at night. So that your day tour related activities will not suffer.

Smile Design:-

Are you not happy with the way you smile because of,
- spacing of teeth
- long ugly teeth
- wide big teeth
- proclined teeth
- discolored teeth
- missing teeth

Whatever is the problem we will re-design your smile. You can choose the color of the teeth, shape of the teeth, and spacing.
This could change your complete look in few days time.

Restoration of missing teeth:

- Broken tooth
- Cavity of the tooth
We do tooth colored fillings and Root Canal to save the tooth. This tooth if needed will be given a crown which is procelin.

For Missing teeth:

Crown, Bridges, Dental Implants
At unbelievably low costs.

Gum treatments for,

Bleeding gums, Swollen gums, Receding gums, Loose gums, Bad breath etc.

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